The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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StudioPlus Mail Definitions

Important Definitions

You'll see the following terms used when talking about email, StudioPlus Mail, and SendGrid. Understanding them is very important when it comes to learning how to manage your email effectively. 


Whether you know it or not, you are continually building a "reputation" as an email sender. Every StudioPlus Mail account is assigned a reputation score. This score is an indicator of how SendGrid views your email sending practices based on undeliverable emails and spam reports, among other factors. We regularly monitor our customers’ account reputation for abuse and undesirable sending practices and may suspend or terminate your service if your reputation is poor. Read this Sender Reputation article for more information.

Unsubscribe List

Managing unsubscribes is key to getting maximum email delivery. If your customers have an easy way to tell you they’d like to stop receiving your email besides using the spam button it will give you valuable insights without affecting your reputation. Your customers have the option to "unsubscribe" from your email lists. When they do, their email address is added to an unsubscribe list and Spectra/myStratus will no longer send email to this address.

Bounce List

A bounce occurs when a message is permanently rejected by the recipient's server, either because the email address is not valid or does not exist. The email address is added to a bounce list and Spectra/myStratus will no longer send email to this address.

Spam Report List

If a person who received your email reports that email as spam, we are notified by the ISP and that email address is added to a spam report list and Spectra/myStratus will no longer send email to this address.


The total number of emails you request us to deliver on your behalf.

Delivery Status - myStratus Only

The status of an outgoing email after it was sent from myStratus. This tracks when an email is delivered, opened, bounced, and even when a link is clicked within the email.


The total number of times your clients open your emails. NOTE: Not all email software allows opens to be tracked. Microsoft’s Outlook, Apple’s Mail, Mozilla’s Thunderbird, and Google’s Gmail do not load images by default. As such, there may be many occasions where recipients receive a message, open it, and it is not counted as opened because there is no way to track that event.


The total number of times your clients click on various links in your email messages.

Email Category

You can create email categories in Spectra/myStratus to help organize your email analytics by “tagging” emails by category. See also: Email Categories

Confirmation Emails

You can send emails to your clients that include a confirmation link. When a client clicks to confirm, their session or appointment is automatically updated to "Confirmed" in Spectra/myStratus. See also: Confirmation Emails


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