The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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myStratus Database Utility

The myStratus Database Utility contains a collection of tools for maintaining your Stratus database. Each workstation contains its own Database Utility. So any changes made to the utility will affect that workstation only. To open the Database Utility, click the Start Menu > StudioPlus myStratus 20xx > Database Utility

Database Settings

  • Database Type - This option displays which type of database you are running: Stratus Database. This option cannot be changed for myStratus users.

  • Stratus Account Name - Enter the Account/Domain Name for your Stratus database. This is the name of your database and is necessary in order to connect to your data. This field is not case-sensitive and should not have any spaces (i.e. "TheStudio" instead of "The  Studio"). Your Account/Domain Name should have been set when you signed up for Stratus and emailed to you with your enrollment.

  • Shared Log Folder - Set the path for where the shared log folder, called SP Logs, should be created and stored. This folder keeps a log of information about your database that the StudioPlus Technical Support Team uses to help troubleshoot issues. We recommend setting each computer's database utility to the same location (i.e. "\\PC-1\SP Logs").

  • Disable Auto Reconnects - Check this box to disable your database from consistently trying to reconnect if a connection is lost. We recommend having this box checked as it can help improve Stratus' performance, especially during network or internet related issues.

Database Operations

  • Modify Firewall - You will be prompted to enter your Customer Account Number and Password.  This is the master account number for the studio OR the account number for this individual studio, if Enterprise. This information would have been emailed when you first enrolled with Stratus. If you cannot find this information, please contact StudioPlus Technical Support. You will see a list of firewall rules that have been created for this studio, along with the ability to turn the firewall off. Just a reminder, this firewall only controls access to the database from myStratus Desktop, NOT from myStratus Web or the mobile app. See also: Firewall Preferences.

  • Verify Connection - Use this tool to make sure this computer can connect to the database using the name set in Stratus Account Name.

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