The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Company (Studio) Preferences - Invoicing

Sales Tax

Select your tax method:

  • Tax added to invoice (United States) - Multiplies the invoice total by the tax rate to get the tax amount.

  • Dual taxes added to invoice (Canada) - Allows you to enter two tax rates. These are added together to get the total sales tax, while the sales tax rates show up on the invoice as two tax lines.

  • Tax included in item price (Other Countries) - The tax is built into the price of each item and does not need to be added at the end of the invoice.

  • Tax added to invoice line items (United States)If you choose this option, you will need to set the sales tax for item in your price list.

  • Automatic tax calculation (Requires Avalara AvaTax) - (available in  ) Choose this option only if you have an Avalara account and are using AvaTax. With this option, you will also be required to set up the following nformation on the Integration tab in Company (Studio) Preferences. See Avalara Tax Integration for complete setup instructions.

  • Sales Tax Maintenance - Click this button to enter your sales tax/VAT rates (does not apply to those using Avalara). In the tax window, enter the state, city, and the sales tax as a percent (i.e., 6.5% should be entered as "6.5"). We recommend creating a 0% tax to use for tax exempt sales. Exit the tax window by clicking X at the upper right.

  • Default Sales Tax - Select the sales tax that should appear on your invoices by default. Simply click on the down arrow and highlight your choice. The default sales tax can be overridden at the time of invoicing. If you've selected the Canadian method you will have two default sales taxes to select.

  • Tax Label - Type the sales tax label that should appear on your invoices.

Display These Tabs on Invoice Form

Select the tabs you want displayed on invoice records.

Quantity Based Pricing

NOTE: This feature is available in the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise versions of both Spectra and myStratus Desktop.

You can set up your pricing structure in the software to offer quantity discounts. Select from the options shown here to determine how the quantity discounts should be calculated. See also: Advanced Pricing

  • If you select the first option, the software will use the quantity for each line and then look at the Pricing and Costs tab in Price List Items maintenance to determine if any discounts should be applied.

  • If you select the second option, the software will total all the lines on the invoice with a matching item number and use that quantity to calculate any discounts, again based on the information on the Pricing and Costs tab of Price List Items maintenance.  

  • If you do not wish to use quantity discounts, select the last option.

Client Invoicing Price List

Most of your Spectra/myStratus invoices will be connected to a session, but on occasion you may create an invoice that is not related to a session, called a client-based invoice. This is where you choose which price list Spectra/myStratus will use for that type of invoice. Use the down arrow to select which of your price lists will be used for this purpose. This option can be changed at any time, but cannot be over-ridden at the time of invoicing. See also: Setting up a Price List and Creating a Client Invoice

Payment Plans

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of myStratus Desktop. Spectra does not include this feature.

Check the first box to automatically create a web form when a payment plan is first generated for a client. An example of how this could be used is to create an Invoice Type web form that outlines the client's agreement with the payment plan. See also: Introduction to Web Forms and Payment Plans

Use the remaining two checkboxes to determine how the client should be notified of this web form - via email or SMS text Note: SMS text option requires the SMS add-on. Click here for pricing options.


  • Hide Invoice Level Discount - Allows you to hide the ability to apply an additional discount to an invoice. See also: Discounting an Invoice

  • Use Advanced Pricing - Allows you to use the Advanced Pricing version of the Price List Items maintenance screen, which enables the Pricing and Costs tab for setting up different pricing levels, added options, added enhancements, and item cost information. See also: Advanced Pricing

  • Display Invoice Status on Invoice Screen - Use invoice statuses and display status on invoice screens. See also: Invoice Statuses

  • Mask Credit Card Numbers - Masks credit card numbers on all screens and reports. All credit card information is encrypted in the database regardless of this option.

  • Auto-Advance Payment Due Date -After a payment is processed, have an invoice automatically advance the next payment due date based on the next payment's due date.

  • Prompt for User Credentials - Users will be required to enter credentials with the proper payments permissions in order to create, modify, or delete payments. These credentials will be recorded on the Status Notes tab of the payment and in the audit trail logs.

  • Default Sales Rep to Blank - With this option selected, the "Sales Rep" field will be blank when new payments are created. Turning on Data Entry Validation for this field will then require the user to select the appropriate sales rep before saving the payment. See also: Data Entry Validation

  • Require Valid Image Numbers - Check this option to prevent users from typing in image numbers for items on an invoice. They will be required to choose images from the drop-down list. 

  • Enable Automatic Best Promotions Calculator - When this feature is turned on, upon saving an invoice Spectra/myStratus will automatically cycle through all the promotional items on the invoice and calculate which one is the best for the client and zero out all the other promotional line items. "Zeroed" line items will be displayed in red.
    Note: this will not zero out any promotional line items where the Always Apply and Exclude from Best Promotions Calculator checkbox found on the Promotional Item Details tab of the Price List Item Maintenance. See also: Creating a Coupon or Promotion

  • Default Approx. Delivery Date - When a new invoice is created, it's given an approximate delivery date. If you don't put a number here, the delivery date is assumed to be the same day the invoice is created.

  • Default Shipping Fee - If you have a standard shipping fee and would like to automatically add it to your invoices, put an amount in this field.

  • Title on Invoice - Some studios may be required to use another title on printed invoices, such as "Order." Enter the invoice title here.

  • Default Ship To - Choose a default shipping option for new invoices. This can be the session client, bill-to client, studio, or the mailing address for the session or bill-to client. If an option is not chosen, the shipping address will be blank when an invoice is created. The user can then choose or enter an address.

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