The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Referral Program Preferences (myStratus ONLY)

NOTE: This feature is available in the Professional and Enterprise versions of myStratus Desktop. Spectra does not include this feature.

Go to Maintenance > Preferences > Referral Program Preferences to complete your settings for new online referrals. The settings found in this menu control when a new referral goes to enter their client information online. The new referral can also be linked to your online booking portal so a client can book their session/appointment after entering their information.                         


If a setting says it is shared with the Online Booking Preferences, then if the setting is modified in one menu it will also change in the other.               


Before filling out the settings for the referral programs, check the box to Activate Online Referral Program. This will unlock the rest of the preferences for editing.


Complete the following items on the General tab:
  • Online Booking Style - Choose one of the following options. Note: This setting is shared with the Online Booking Preferences.

    • Link - Use this option if you simply want to add a link to your website that directs your customers to the referral/online booking page. If you choose this option, you also need to set the Redirect URL (your website), so when the customer is done with their booking, they can click on a link to get back to your site.

    • iFrame - We recommend using this option. You can embed the referral/online booking process right into your website. No redirect URL is necessary.

  • Get HTML Code - Click Get HTML Code and we will construct the link or iFrame code for you and copy it to your clipboard. You will need to paste the code into your website HTML code. Note: This setting is shared with the Online Booking Preferences.
  • Location Display Name - Enterprise clients will also have an option to enter a display name for their location. Customers visiting your page will be presented with a list of locations to choose from. Here you can choose how you want to display the name of this location. Note: This setting is shared with the Online Booking Preferences.
  • Link to Online Booking - Check this box to link the online referral with online booking. How this works is once the referred client enters their information, they will have the option to go to your online booking portal to book a session. Note: Online Booking must be set up for this to work. See also: Setting up Online Booking


Complete the following items on the
Logo tab. Note: These settings are shared with the Online Booking Preferences.

  • Show Logo - We recommend you only use this option for the "Link" booking style. This way your company logo will appear on the top of each page. If you're using the "iFrame" option, the logo is not necessary.

  • Upload New Logo - Upload any JPEG image for your logo.


Complete the following items on the Clients tab.

Set default values for new client records from the referral program that we create in your database:

  • New Client Defaults - Set the default values for the new client record of the referring client including Client Status and Lead Source. You may want to choose a unique status to show this is a referral/online booking client and also allows you to follow up accordingly (e.g. "Client - Online"). Use the Lead Source to keep track of Clients through your website/online booking. To create a Lead Source, go to Maintenance > Client > Lead Sources. See also: Client Statuses and Lead SourcesNote: These settings are shared with the Online Booking Preferences.

  • New Client Options – Choose the fields to complete a personal profile for each new Client such as texting or emailing options. Check the box Hidden for a field to be hidden from a client's view, check the box Required to require a new client to fill out the corresponding field, and leave both boxes blank for a client to have the option of filling out a field, but not required.
    • The May we text you? field is linked with the SMS checkbox for the Mobile phone number line of a client record.
    • The May we email you marketing material? field is linked with the Allow Email Marketing checkbox on the General tab of a client record.
    • When using the Organization field, select how you would like the label to appear online. The options for this are Organization, School, or you can free-type a different label. To change how each organization is displayed online, go to Maintenance > Client > Organizations > 'Open the Organization' > Referral Program tab. Enter how you want this organization to display online as well as whether this organization should be visible online. See also: Organizations
    • When using the Family Information field, this option will allow the prospective client to enter up to six children. The names will come into myStratus as Family Members on the new client record.
    • When using the Preferred Session Date field, this option will allow the client to select three dates they would prefer to have their session. When the client comes into Stratus, these dates will be listed on the Client Notes tab of their record. This field is NOT available if linking the referral process with Online Booking.


Customize the look and feel of the online booking page to match your existing website. Just blank out the color to set it back to the default. You can also paste a custom hex color. Note: These settings are shared with the Online Booking Preferences. 

Click OK to save the Referral Program Preferences.

Here is what new clients will see online when they access this portal:


Now that your client referrals are activated and set up to go online, it's time to set up your Client Referral Programs!

Optional - You may want to create your email to notify a referring client each time they earn a new reward before going through the Client Referral Programs form. This email is set during the next step, which is why you may want to have it done beforehand. For help setting up an HTML email or Form Letter see HTML Email Builder, Form Letter Builder.

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