The majority of the contents in this guide apply to both StudioPlus Spectra AND myStratus Desktop.
In most cases, instructions referring to "Spectra" also apply to myStratus Desktop.


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Digital Workflow Reference Guide

The software's Digital Workflow module has many features that can be used to capture, edit, process, retouch, FTP, archive, and delete images. These features can be used in a variety of ways to help you accomplish your workflow tasks more quickly and efficiently. Below is a reference guide of the different features found on the Workflow hub ribbon and in the Sales Presentation module.

 Icon Name Description  Shortcut Key
Workflow Ribbon
Image Viewer View from 1-6 images at a time. The image viewer has additional capabilities that the image thumbnails do not, such as zoom, crop, and show hi-res or raw. The image viewer is turned off by default on the Workflow hub and turned on by default in the Sales Presentation module.
Image Groups Set up groups to organize a session's images. Every session has the "All Images" and "Ungrouped Images" groups by default. As images are added to new groups, they are removed from the "Ungrouped Images" group. To create a new image group, right-click in the image group section and choose Add a New Group.

Show groups: Ctrl+Shift+G
Add images to a group: Alt+1-9

  Import Images The Import Images utility will copy images from your camera card or folder into the session folder, create preview images, archive images, and add image meta data. See also: Capturing Images  None
  Capture Software Launch your camera software or other software designed to capture or convert your RAW files. See also: Capturing Images None 
  Group Capture Capture images while tethered for a large group of sessions, such as at a school or for a church directory. See also: Group Capture
New Composite Use Composite Templates to create new digital products, such as image borders, multi-image composites, or to view images in frames, mats, or cards. See also: Creating Composite Templates  and Using Composite Templates
Show: Ctrl+Shift+N
New: Ctrl+N
Save: Ctrl+S
Save and close: Ctrl+W
Save and new: Ctrl+Enter
  Render Proofs Output a new set of images from the session folder for proofing purposes, such as for a DVD, your website, or printing proofs. See also: Rendering Images  None

Render/Print Render out the ordered images from the most recent invoice or production order for fulfillment or printing. See also: Rendering Images  None

Production Order Create new production orders based on the products ordered on the session's most recent invoice. See also: Creating a Production Order  None
Send to Lab Select ordered images and either burn them to a disc or FTP them to your lab for fulfillment. See also: Sending Images to a Lab  None
  Upload to InSpired
Upload images from a session to your gallery. See the InSpiredByYou chapter for more information.  None
  Deliver Electronically Select one or more images or a folder of images to be delivered electronically to the client. The software will compress the files into a single zip file and upload it to your Stratus Drive. You can then share the link with the client. See also: Electronic Delivery
  Archive Images Burn images to a CD/DVD or copy the images to an archive hard drive. See also: Archiving Images  None
  Delete Files Permanently remove your hi-res and RAW image files from your server once orders have been delivered and images have been archived. See also: Deleting Images  None
  Organize Organize session images based on your Lightroom Presets. See also: Lightroom Integration  None
  Start Presentation
Start the Sales Presentation to view the images with your customer. See also: Sales Presentation  None
  Change Presentation Settings You default settings are chosen in Company (Studio) Preferences. Use this button to adjust the slideshow settings for this specific session. See also: Sales Presentation and Company (Studio) Preferences - Slideshow  None
  Start Slideshow Begin the slideshow. See also: Sales Presentation Launch: Insert
Start/Play: Space Bar
Show image numbers: I
End: Esc
  Stop Music If your slideshow settings indicate the music should continue to play after the slideshow is done, click Stop Music to fade out the music.  None
  Advance Status Advance the status of the selected session or order, moving it to the next stage in your workflow.  Ctrl+Shift+A
  Delete When editing images, you may want to delete some of them. You can delete the preview, retouched, hi-res, or all the files.  Just preview: Delete
All image files: Ctrl+Delete
  Retouch Launch your image editing software (i.e., Photoshop). Edit Preview will open the preview image, Edit Hi-Res or Raw will open the hi-res or RAW file, and Edit Retouched will copy the hi-res file into the retouched folder and open this new image for editing. See also: Retouching Images  Edit retouched: Ctrl+Shift+E
  Crop The crop tool can only be used in the Image Viewer (Ctl-Shift-V). Set the display crop to one of the pre-defined ratios when previewing images. When cropping an ordered image, the crop will default to the ratio of the item based on your price list settings. See also: Price List Reference
Crop mode: Ctrl+Shift+C
Crop: Click/Drag
Inverted crop: Ctrl+Click/Drag
Free crop: Shift+Click/Drag
Save crop: S
Remove crop: R
  Image Adjustment Revert back to the retouched or hi-res file to modify the unsharpen mask, brightness, and/or contrast setting. A new preview will automatically be created to reflect your changes and the original hi-res or retouched file will remain unchanged.  Ctrl+Shift+I
Rotate Left/Right
Rotate the preview image left or right.  Left: Ctrl+Shift+L
Right: Ctrl+Shift+R
  Flip Image
Flip the image.  None
Right-Click Menu (accessible from the Workflow Hub and the Sales Presentation module) 
  View Image Properties View general and EXIF image information.
  Image Keywords Add or modify the keywords in this image's metadata.  Ctrl+Shift+K
  Make New Preview Create a new preview image based on the hi-res or retouched image, maintaining any image adjustments, cropping, or rotating done to the preview image.  Ctrl+Shift+P
  Rotate or Flip   Rotate Left: Ctrl+Shift+L
Rotate Right: Ctrl+Shift+R 
  Make Quick Composite    
  Copy Image Quickly create a copy of one or more images  
  Main Client or Session Image Right-click on an image and make it the Main Client or Main Session Image. It will then appear on the client's record. (By default, the first image in the first import will be the main client image until you change it.)  
  Yearbook Image Right-click on an image and make it the Main or Secondary Yearbook Image (only for organization type sessions). See also: Yearbook CD
  Show Right-click on an image to view the preview image (default), hi-res image (this will be the retouched image if one exists), or raw image.
Apply custom colorization profiles, such as black & white or sepia. The first profile in the list is always "color" and is the same as "none." See also: Image Colorizations  Color: Ctrl+1
Custom: Ctrl+2-9
  Sort By    
  Rename Images    
 Sales Presentation Tools
  Save Order
Save the current order.  Ctrl+Shift+S
  Print Invoice Print the client's order.  None
Refreshes the image list. Used mainly if you have manually added new images to the session preview folder.  None
  Print Contact Sheet Configure and print a contact sheet of images for the client. None 
  Dual Screen Mode
Turns the dual-screen mode on or off.   None
  Image Viewer Turn the image viewer on or off.  Ctrl+Shift+V 
  Image Groups View or hide the image groups panel. Show groups: Ctrl+Shift+G
Add images to a group: Alt+1-9 
  Order Information
View the order information, including the price list and order menu, and begin building a client's order.  Ctrl+Shift+O
  Slideshow Use the slideshow tools to start the slideshow, personalize the slideshow settings, or fade out the music. Launch: Insert
Start/Play: Space Bar
Show image numbers: I
End: Esc 
  New Composite Open the Composite Designer to create a new composite from one of your templates. Show: Ctrl+Shift+N
New: Ctrl+N
Save: Ctrl+S
Save and close: Ctrl+W
Save and new: Ctrl+Enter 
  Crop   Crop mode: Ctrl+Shift+C
Crop: Click/Drag
Inverted crop: Ctrl+Click/Drag
Free crop: Shift+Click/Drag
Save crop: S
Remove crop: R 
  Flip   None 
  Magnify   None 
  Watermark Turn the watermark on or off. Set up your watermark on the Digital tab of Company (Studio) Preferences. See also: Company (Studio) Preferences - Digital None
  Rank Rating Rank each image as Selected (Green), Undecided (Yellow), and Non-Selected (Red). All images default to Undecided. The Sales Presentation defaults to Show Only Undecided. Change the "Show" menu to select which rankings to display.  Selected: 1
Undecided: 2
Not selected: 3

Next/Previous Image
Go to the next or previous image.  Next: Right Arrow or W
Previous: Left Arrow or Q
Other Tools 
  Image Sizes
Display the selected image at the actual sizes you have configured. See also:  Image Sizes  F2 - F12

  Multi-Image Select
Select multiple images to display up to six images side-by-side in the image viewer or select and apply settings (rotate, rank, delete, colorize, etc.) to several images at once.  Select random images: Ctrl+Click
Select sequential images: Shift+Click
  Zoom In/Out
Zoom in and out on the preview file in the image viewer. Or right-click and choose Show Hi-Res image to zoom in and out on the hi-res or retouched image.  In: Ctrl+Right-Click
Out: Ctrl+Left-Click
In and out: Ctrl+Mouse Wheel

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