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Calendar Overview

The myStratus Calendar is the best way to view your schedule, along with the schedules of other users and/or resources, such as a special room or piece of equipment. Schedules for multiple users and resources can be viewed simultaneously in an easy-to-read, graphical layout, making it easy to compare schedules and check for availability.

Double-click on any available time slot to launch the easy-to-use Scheduling Wizard, which will automatically create a session or appointment for a new or existing client, along with the invoice and receipt of payment, if necessary. Double-click on any existing scheduled event to open the appropriate session or appointment with further details. See also: Using the Scheduling Wizard 

Tips for Using the Calendar

Get familiar with the calendar as shown above. As you see, the calendar defaults to the currently logged in user and today’s date. The mini calendars on the right are an easy way to select the day(s) you want to view.
  • View multiple users or resources - Hold down the Ctrl key and click the names in the Users and Resources panel. View a range of names by clicking and dragging. To de-select a user or resource, press Ctrl and click the name.

  • View today's calendar - Click Go To Today on the ribbon.

  • Change the calendar view - Use the Day, Week, and Month buttons on the ribbon.

  • View another month - Click the appropriate arrow at the top-left corner of the calendar.

  • Quickly jump to another month - At the top of a mini-calendar, click on the name of the month and then hold the mouse button down to see all the months of the year. Click the month you want and all the mini-calendars will adjust to the new month.

  • Add resources to the calendar - For instructions, see the Adding Resources to the Calendar how to.

  • Add users to the calendar - For instructions, see the Adding Users to the Calendar how to.

Can I Customize the Calendar?

Yes! There are many ways to customize your myStratus Calendar. Check out these how to's for more information:

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