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Scheduling an Appointment with the Scheduling Wizard

Watch the video and follow the instructions below to book an appointment with the Scheduling Wizard.

Help! Should I create a session or appointment?

  1. Use one of the following options to open the Scheduling Wizard:

    • Double-click a time slot on the Calendar.

    • Go to File > New > Appointment/Session.

    • From any hub, click Appointment or Session in the New group of the ribbon.

  2. Click Next to begin.

  3. Select Linked or Unlinked appointment and click Next.

  4. For a linked appointment, either create a new client or find an existing one with the Client Search tool (shown here). For an unlinked appointment, skip to step 6.

  5. Enter or modify the Client Information (linked appointments only) and click Next.

  6. Enter the Appointment Information and click Next. For a complete description of each field, refer to the Appointment Reference topic.

  7. Confirm the appointment details, select any of the listed options, and click Finish.

  8. The appointment will appear in the following places:

    • The Calendar (linked and unlinked appointments)

    • The client's Appointments tab (linked appointments only)

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