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Publishing Images to InSpired

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

Client and session information as well as images and videos can all be uploaded to InSpiredByYou directly from Stratus. The client’s address, email, and phone number; the session date, description, and web price list; and the selected images and image groups will all be uploaded through the session uploader described below. Videos that have been added to a session will be uploaded with the next automatic InSpired data sync. See also: Syncing Stratus and InSpired

  1. Use the session status to advance the session to the Publish Images stage of the digital workflow. See also: Digital Workflow

  2. Select the session you want to upload to InSpiredByYou from the Publish Images session list on the Workflow hub and click Publish To InSpired on the ribbon.

  3. You can also upload images right from a session. Open the session, go to Online tab of the ribbon, and click Publish to InSpired.

  4. In the left portion of the uploader, check the box next to each image you want published to InSpired.

  5. Next, use the Session Info tab to set up the online settings for this session.

    • The User Name is automatically set to the client’s email address.

    • The Password defaults to the client's last name.

      Note: The client can change their user name and password when they log in to InSpiredByYou. You cannot view their new password, but you can reset the user name and password back to the default (email and last name) at any time. Open the client record and go to the Online tab of the ribbon. Click Reset Login in the InSpired group.

    • The Number of Days Active is the number of days you plan to make this session available to your client online. This will determine the online session Expire Date.

      Note: The Expire Date indicates how long you plan to leave the images online. As the Expire Date approaches, you will be notified and given a link to take down the online session in the Web Services panel of your Stratus Home page. To extend (or shorten) the online session, open the session in Stratus and go to the Online tab on the ribbon. Click Extend Expiration Date in the InSpired group and set a new date.

    • Choose the Price List you would like to use. By default, it will be the price list you have associated with this session type. See also: Using Session Types

    • Choose an Event Type for this online session:

      • None - The session will only be viewed by the session client and any invited guests. In order to view the online session, the client must have a user name and password or link sent to them through email.

      • Private - When an online event is private, clients would need to know the event code in order to view images on InSpiredByYou. For example, a wedding couple could choose to communicate an event code to everyone at their wedding who may want to look at the pictures and possibly place an order. The guests would need to enter the event code to view the images and create their own InSpiredByYou login to place an order.

      • Public - This type of event is available to anyone who goes to your InSpiredByYou website. They can search by the date of the event or choose the event from a list of recently uploaded events. Again, to place an order they would have to create their own InSpired login.

    • Enter an Event Code of your own choosing. This is required for a private event, but can also be used to make a public event easier to find.

    • Enter your own Event Description. This is how the event will be listed online.

  6. When you're done selecting your settings, click Publish to InSpiredByYou.

See also: Automating InSpired Uploads

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