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Client Ribbon

The following tools are available on the ribbon of a client record.

Home Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Save Save the current client and leave it open for reference or additional modifications.
  Save & Close Save the client and close the client window.
  Delete Client Delete the open client. Note: This will delete any associated communications, appointments, sessions, invoices, tasks, or production orders PERMANENTLY. See also: Deleting a Client
  Client Image The first image imported into the client's first session will be saved as the main client image. Click Client Image to change the image or select a new one. See also: Choosing the Client Image
  Print Profile Print a summary of the client information.
  Appointment Create a linked appointment for this client.  
  Session Create a new session for this client. See also: Scheduling a Session
  Client Invoice Create a new client-based invoice for this client. See also: Creating a Client Invoice
  Client Estimate Create a new client-based estimate. See also: Creating an Estimate
  Task Create a new task related to the client. See also: Creating a TaskTask How To's

Communication Tab

 Icon Name Description
  New Call Create a new call record will be created with a due date of today and no completed date. You can use the call today or move the due date to a date in the future.
Completed Call Create a call record that is both due and completed today.
  New SMS Text Click the SMS icon to create a new blank text message or use the down arrow to choose a predefined SMS template. By default, the new text message will contain the first phone number on the client record that is marked for SMS. See also: Sending Text Messages
  New Email Click the envelope to create a new blank email or use the down arrow to choose a predefined email template. An email address must be entered for the client and outgoing email must be set up on the computer you are working on. See also: Setting up EmailSending Email
  Completed Email Create a blank email that can be used to record details from a client email you received or sent outside of Stratus, attaching the information to the client record for future reference.

Attachments Tab

 Icon Name Description

Attach File

View Attachments


Online Tab

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

 Icon Name Description

Reset Login
Reset the client's online login to the default settings. See also: Setting up the InSpired Integration

View Website
View the client's InSpiredByYou online gallery.

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