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Workflow Hub

The Workflow hub is where you can track your current sessions through the various stages of your digital workflow.

Hub Ribbon

 Icon Name Description
New Appointment or Session Launch the Scheduling Wizard to create a new session or appointment. See also: Using the Scheduling Wizard  
  Refresh  Refresh the image list. Used mainly if you have manually added new images to the session.
View Client Open the client associated with the selected session.
  View Session Open the selected session.

View Invoice
Open the selected order.
Image Viewer
View 1-6 images at a time. The image viewer has additional capabilities that the image thumbnails do not, such as zoom and crop. The image viewer is turned off by default.
  Image Groups
Organize session images into groups. By default, every session has groups for All Images and Ungrouped Images. As images are added to new groups, they are removed from the Ungrouped Images group. To create a new image group, right-click in the image group section and choose Add a New Group.
  Upload Images Upload HiRes or Preview images to the Stratus session. See also: Uploading Images
  Publish to InSpired  
  Login to InSpired  
  Advance Status
Advance the status of the selected session or order to the next stage in your workflow.
  Delete Delete the selected image from Stratus.
  Crop The Crop tool can only be used in the Image Viewer. Set the display crop of your preview images to one of the pre-defined ratios. When cropping an ordered image, the crop will default to the ratio of the item ordered based on your price list settings. See also: Cropping Images
  Main Image Right-click on an image and choose to make it the Main Client Image. It will then be displayed on the client's record. (By default, the first image in the import will be the main client image until you change it.) 
  Add Group Create a new image group. See also: Sorting Images
  Delete Group Delete an image group.
  Rotate Left Rotate the preview image left.
  Rotate Right Rotate the preview image right.
  Flip Flip the image.
  Size Choose the size of the displayed thumbnail images.
Choose to view a group of images.

Managing the Workflow Hub

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