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Stratus Hubs

The myStratus Web hubs are the main work areas you'll use to run your business, from your calendar and client list, to your invoices, calls, and tasks. Here are a couple of tips you may find helpful as you learn to use myStratus Web:
  • The hub menu at the top of your screen is how you move from hub to hub, kind of like tabs in a browser.

  • Moving to another hub doesn't close the hub you've been using - all the information remains as you left it.

  • The Calendar and Workflow hubs are unique in their design and function, but the remaining hubs (Clients, Sessions, Invoices, Calls, Messages, and Tasks) are very similar to one another, providing you with lists of records you can sort, export, customize, and so on.

Take a look below to get a feel for the hubs in myStratus Web. Below each screen shot is a list of helpful topics for the hub.

Workflow Hub
Clients Hub
Sessions Hub
Invoices Hub
Calls Hub
Messages Hub
Tasks Hub

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