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Phone Call Reference

A phone call record is used to hold information about a phone call (or conversation) that has already taken place with a client or that needs to take place in the future. A call is considered completed once you fill in a complete date. An easy way to complete a call is to click Mark Complete on the toolbar.

Phone Call Information

The Information section holds the phone call specific information. This information is contained in two separate tabs, the General tab and the Notes tab.

General Tab

The General tab lists the description and type of the phone call, the user the call is assigned to, and any dates related to the call.

Column Description
Call Description
Used to describe what this call was about or why you need to make this call in the future. (e.g., Call Mrs. Jones about Samantha’s birthday pictures.)
Select a phone call type from the list. You can modify this list in Maintenance > Communication > Phone Call Types. (e.g., Prospect Call, Session Confirmation, Birthday Reminder, etc.) See also: Using Phone Call Types
Department The call can be assigned to a department. See also: Setting up Departments
User Used to record who made this call or who should make this call in the future. The call will appear on the selected user's call list.
Priority You can set a priority from 1 to 10 and later sort them on the Calls hub. See also: Calls Hub  
Due Date Select the due date if the call is to be made in the future. 
Complete Date Once a call has been completed, enter the completion date here. An easy way to complete this field with today’s date is to click Mark Complete in the action group of the ribbon. You can also complete calls on the Phone Calls hub by clicking the box in the complete column for that call. The call will remain on the home page for the remainder of the day it was completed on and drop off the list the following day.
Use communication outcomes to track the outcome of a call. For example, did the client book a session, are they interested but not now, or did they just say “No.”
Use communication results to track the result of a call (i.e., "no answer," "busy signal," "left voicemail," etc.). 
Contact  Record the contact for this phone call. 
Direction  If you want to specify that the call was from the client, you can choose incoming. Otherwise, leave it at outgoing for calls that need to be placed. 
Custom Fields  

Notes Tab

Enter the details of the conversation on the Notes tab. Press Ctrl+T to enter a time stamp into the notes screen.

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