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Accounts Receivable Aging Report

The Accounts Receivable Aging Report is available in either a Summary or Detailed format.

The Aging Summary Report includes:
  • Total amounts not yet due
  • Total amounts past due
  • Total open balance for each client  

The Aging Detail Report is grouped by client and includes the following information for each invoice with a past due amount:
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Bill-to name
  • Invoice total
  • Amount paid
  • Open balance
  • Due date

 Follow these steps to print either format of the Accounts Receivable Aging Report:
  1. Go to Reports > Accounts Receivable Aging Report.

  2. Select the Type of Aging ReportSummary or Detail.

  3. Choose to sort either by Customer Name or Customer Number.

  4. Click Print Report to see a PDF preview.

  5. You can print the PDF file report.


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