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Email Reference

Email Header

The Header section contains details about the email. Note that when you create a new email the direction is automatically "outgoing." When opening a previously saved email, you will not be able to modify most of the information displayed.

Column Description
From Displays who sent (or is sending) the email.
To Automatically filled in with the main client's email address if this email is being created from a client or session record. The information in the field can be changed, if desired.
CC Type any additional email addresses here that you want to have carbon copied on this email.
BCC If you want this email copied to another email address that won't be visible to the recipient (blind carbon copy), you can add the email address here.
Subject Remember that proper "netiquette" requires you to fill in a subject line. It is even more important for business email. Some email filters will automatically put email with a blank subject into a junk folder or even delete it.
Attachments On a new email, any attachments will be shown here by file name. Right-click to remove an attachment. On a saved email, the names of the attached files are just displayed. 
Sent This field is only available when recording a new completed email. Once an email has been sent or saved, the day and date will be in the upper-right corner of the email header section. 
Direction If you are recording a new completed email, you can choose whether it was incoming or outgoing. Opening a previously saved email will just display the direction and you won't be able to modify it. 
Email Type  Type of email. See also: Using Email Types
Email Status  Status of the email. See also: Using Email Statuses
Assigned to Dept.  Department this email is assigned to. See also: Setting up Departments
Assigned to User User this email is assigned to. 

Email Body Section

The Body section shows the main body of the email. When using a predefined email template, you can view the merged client and/or session information and even make some quick edits before actually sending. You can copy and paste information from another program into the body of the email. This is a way for you to record the details of an email that you sent or received through another program. A saved email shows the content of the original email and cannot be changed. See also: Creating an Email Template

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