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Sending Text Messages

Follow these steps to send text messages using your Stratus website:
  1. Open a client, session, or invoice record.

  2. On the Communication tab of the ribbon, click New SMS Text.

  3. On the drop-down list, click Blank SMS to open a blank SMS message. You can also expand the SMS list to choose one of your previously created SMS message templates. See also: Creating an SMS Template

  4. In the text message that opens, fill in as many fields as necessary.

    • Send To - Select the phone number that this text message should be sent to.

    • User - Automatically filled in with the user currently logged into Stratus.

    • Message - Shows the main content of the text message. For a text message created from a template, you can view the merged client and/or session information or even make some quick edits before sending. You can also copy and paste information from another program into the body of the text message.

    • History Section - Shows a complete history of text messages with this client, both sent and received.

  5. Click Send to send the message.

  6. The text message will be displayed on the Communication tab of the associated client record and any specific session and invoice records.

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