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Rescheduling an Event

Follow these steps to reschedule an appointment or session: 

  1. Locate the session or appointment using one of the following: 

    • Calendar - Make sure to highlight the appropriate user!

    • Sessions Hub - For instructions on searching for a session on the Sessions hub, look at the Finding a Session how to. Note: Appointments are not listed on the Sessions hub.

    • Session Search - Go to File > Session Search and enter the appropriate criteria. Note: Appointments cannot be found using the Session Search tool.

    • Client Record - Open the client and find the session or appointment (linked) on the appropriate detail tab.

  2. Double-click to open the session or appointment.

  3. Make the following changes:

    • Change the date - Click the calendar icon to the right of the session (or appointment) date and choose a new date.

    • Change the start/end time - Click the down arrow to the right of the start/end time and adjust as needed. Note: Adjusting the start time will NOT automatically adjust the end time (and vice versa). Make sure to adjust both if needed.

  4. Click Save & Close when finished.

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