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Creating a Refund

To issue a refund, use the steps below.
  1. Open the invoice.

  2. Go to the Order Detail tab. If the quantity of the item to be refunded is more than one, just reduce the quantity and the extended amount will reflect the change. If the quantity is equal to one, create a new line and record the item with a negative quantity (such as "-1"). The extended amount will be a negative amount and the invoice total will be reduced. Click Save.

  3. Create a new payment/refund from the invoice and select Refund as the type.

  4. Choose the Refund Method and enter the Refund AmountNote: You can either type in the amount or click the "<" button to easily enter the entire open credit amount. 

    • If you are issuing the refund to a credit card, select the card method on file you are wishing to refund. When the payment information has been entered, hit Authorize. You will receive an authorization code when the refund has been issued.

  5. Save the refund.

  6. Make sure the Balance Due is correct on the invoice, and then save the invoice.

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