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Creating a Package

Package Overview

A package is simply one or more items that are sold together for a single price. Creating a package is just like creating any other price list item, with two additional steps - adding package components and choosing package pose options

Creating a Package

Note: Before you begin creating a package, each product and service that will be included in the package should be added to your Stratus price list as an item. For instructions, see the Setting up a Price List topic.
Then, follow these steps to create a package:
  1. Go to Maintenance > Price List > Price Lists to open Price List Maintenance if it's not already open.

  2. In the left panel, click on a price list to expand the folders.

  3. Highlight one of the group folders in the list and then click New Item on the ribbon to open the Price List Item Maintenance window. 

  4. Complete the following required (or highly recommended) fields:

    • Item Identifier - Choose a code you can use to quickly identify the package. Note: Item identifiers must be unique within each price list. 

    • Item Description - Enter the package description that should appear on the client's invoice.

    • Item Type - Choose "Package" as the item type. Notice that this selection "turns on" a new Package Information section on the General tab as well as a new Package Components tab (see screen shot above). You'll complete those sections in steps 5 and 6 below.

    • Item Group - The group will default to whichever group folder you were in when you created the item. Choose a different group, if desired.

    • Standard Price - Enter the standard price you charge your clients for this package.

  5. In the Package Information section, enter the following:

    • Min/Max # Images Allowed - Enter a minimum and maximum number of poses that are allowed within the package. Note: In addition to setting your pose requirements for each package, you must also activate these validation options on the Digital tab in your Company Preferences. See also: Company Preferences  

    • Additional Pose Fee - Stratus can automatically add a pose fee to the package if the maximum number of poses is exceeded. If you don't already have one, create an "Add-On Pose Fee" in your price list and then select it here.

  6. Now, open the Package Components tab.

    This is where you add the individual products and services that are included the package.
    • Using the first line, choose a product from either the Item No or Description drop-down lists.

    • Enter a quantity for the product.

    • Click Enter to add the product.

    • Enter additional products as needed.

  7. Back on the General tab, complete any of the other fields you wish to use. For a complete description of each field, see the Price List Reference topic

  8. Click Save & Close when finished building your package.

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