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Discounting an Invoice

There are two ways to discount an invoice in Stratus. You can discount the entire invoice with an Invoice Discount, or you may discount one or more individual items on the invoice using a Line Item Discount.

Discounting an Invoice

Following these steps to discount an entire invoice:

  1. Locate the Discount line in the lower right.

  2. Enter a percentage in the smaller box and let Stratus calculate the discount, OR type in a dollar amount in the box on the right.

  3. Stratus will automatically update the Sales Tax, Invoice Total and Balance Due.

Discounting an Item on an Invoice

Follow these steps to discount an individual item on an invoice or estimate:

  1. Highlight the appropriate item on the invoice and click the Item Detail tab in the Payment Information section in the lower left.

  2. Select $ Discount or % Discount and enter the amount in the appropriate box.

  3. Use the Notes area to enter notes about the item being ordered.

  4. Stratus will calculate the discount and display the adjusted price in the Extended column above.

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