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Using InSpired for Contracts

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

You can create a contract right in Stratus and then upload the contract to InSpiredByYou for your client to review and electronically sign.

Creating Contracts

Create contracts using the Email Builder on the Tools menu. See Creating an Email Template for instructions. Note: When creating a contract, make sure to select the Show On Session option.

Uploading Contracts

Follow these steps to upload a session contract to InSpired:

  1. Open a session in Stratus and go to the Communication tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click Upload Contract in the Contracts group and select a contract for this session. If a contract you created is not visible in the list. Try logging out of Stratus and going back in.

  3. If you have chosen to require a PIN for e-signatures, enter the PIN when prompted and click OK. See also: Changing the Client Options

  4. You will be notified that the contract will be uploaded during the next data sync.

  5. To see the contract, click View Contract.

  6. Save and close the session.

  7. The contract will appear on the client's InSpired home page.

Tracking Signed Contracts

In order to keep track of signed contracts, Stratus should be set up to automatically create a task whenever a contract has been signed on InSpiredByYou. Follow these steps to make sure this has been set up:
  1. Go to Maintenance > Preferences > InSpiredByYou Preferences and click on the Tasks tab.

  2. Check the box to enable the automatic contract task.

  3. Enter a Subject such as "Contract Signed."

  4. Use Task Types and Task Statuses to further organize your workflow (optional). See also:

  5. Assign the task to a Department and/or an individual User.

  6. Click OK to save your preferences.

When a client signs a contract on InSpiredByYou, the next data sync will trigger the automatic task you have set up.

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