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Uploading Images

Follow these steps to upload images to a Stratus session:

  1. Go to the Stratus Workflow hub. See also: Workflow Hub

  2. Locate the session in the Workflow Stages session list on the right side and click once to highlight it.

  3. Click Upload Images on the ribbon to open the upload window shown below. For a description of all the tools on the Workflow ribbon, refer to the Workflow Hub topic.

  4. Choose the type of images you are importing, either HiRes files or Preview files.

  5. Next, choose how you want to upload the images:

    • Upload New Images Only - Uploads only the new images, doesn't modify existing images in session.

    • Replace existing images with the same file name and add any new images - If there are any images already in the session with the same file name, the upload process will overwrite existing images with the new images. Otherwise, just new images will be uploaded.

    • Remove all existing images and upload replacement images - The upload process will delete any images that have been previously uploaded for this session and will then upload the new images.

  6. Click Add more files to browse your computer for the image files.

  7. Click Upload to begin uploading your images to the Stratus session. Note: Uploaded files will be stored on your Stratus Drive. See the Stratus Drive product page on our website for more information.

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