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Setting up Departments

Departments are used to organize your staff by their responsibilities. There are a variety of items in Stratus that can be assigned to a department, notifying each user in the department of the task, phone call, email, etc. that needs to get done. These items will appear on the home page for each user within the assigned department. Users can be assigned to one or more departments in Maintenance > General > Users. See also: Setting up Users

  1. Go to Maintenance > General > Departments to open your department list. 

  2. The following editing options are available, either on the ribbon or directly from the grid:

    • Add a Department - Click New on the ribbon, or type directly into the first line of the grid. If you want to add a department at a specific spot in the list, use the Insert tool. 

    • Modify a Department - Double-click the department and then edit the description.

    • Delete a Department - Highlight the department and click Delete on the ribbon.

    • Change the Order - Highlight a department and use the Move Up and Move Down tools on the ribbon.

    • Make a Department Inactive - Check the Inactive box to hide a department you are no longer using (but may not want to delete).  

  3. You may also want to:

    • Hide Inactive Departments - Click Hide Inactive on the ribbon to hide (or reveal) any inactive departments.

    • Print the List - Click Print on the ribbon to generate a printed report of your departments.

    • Export the List to Excel - Click Export to Excel to export an Excel file that you can download.  

  4. Close the window when finished.

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