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Custom Labels

There are a many custom fields available throughout the software that can be used to store information specific to your studio's needs. Custom fields can be used in calendar descriptions, filters, form letters, and HTML emails. You can also display and sort by them on the hubs. 

Use the Custom Labels maintenance to change how these fields are labeled in the software. Go to Maintenance > General > Custom Labels.

  • Client - Client records have custom fields on the General tab and the Custom tab. On the General tab there are four short text fields and two date fields. On the Custom tab there are 10 short text fields, two date fields, and two notes fields. Notes fields can store an almost unlimited amount of text.  

  • Session - The session custom fields are all on the Custom tab. There are 32 short text fields, 10 date fields, 10 notes fields, and 10 checkboxes.

  • Invoice - Invoice custom fields are on the General tab. There is one short text field and one date field.

  • Appointment - There are two short text fields and two date fields on the General tab of the Appointment screen.

  • Price List Item  There are 10 custom text fields available on the Custom tab of the Price List Item maintenance screen, along with five custom date fields and five checkboxes.    

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