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Payment Ribbon

The following tools are available on the payment ribbon.

Home Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Save Save the record by choosing Save.
  Save & Close Click Save & Close to save the record and close the payment window.
  Delete To delete a payment, open the record you want to delete and click Delete on the File group of the ribbon.
  Print Print a receipt or invoice.
  Client Open the client associated with this payment.
  Invoice Open the invoice associated with this payment. 

Communication Tab

 Icon Name Description
  New Call Create a new call record with a due date of today and no completed date. You can use the call today or move the due date into the future. See also: Call How To's
  Completed Call Create a call record that has both the due and completed date set to today. See also: Using Completed Calls
  New SMS Text Create a new SMS text message. See also: Sending Text Messages
  New Email Send a client email. The client's record must contain an email address and outgoing email must be set up. See also: Setting up Email
  Completed Email Create a completed email to record details from a client email you sent or received outside of Stratus for future reference. See also: Using Completed Emails


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