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Sending Email

Note: There is some setup required before you can send email through Stratus. Refer to Setting up Email for instructions on setting up your email preferences in Stratus.

After you've set up your email preferences in Stratus, watch this video and follow the step-by-step instructions below to see how to send email from Stratus.

  1. An email can be created from many places in Stratus. Here are the main options:

    • From a specific record - Emails can be sent from a specific client, session, appointment, invoice, or task. Open the record and click New Email on the Communication tab of the ribbon.

    • From a hub - On any of the major hubs, click Message in the New section of the ribbon and select Email. Note: Using this method, the email you create will not automatically be linked to a client.

  2. Select Blank Email or choose a pre-created email template. For more information, please refer to Creating an Email Template.

  3. Enter details regarding the email at the top:
    • From - Displays who is sending the email.

    • To - This is automatically filled in with the client's email address when the email is being sent from a client, session, appointment, or invoice. The information in this field can be changed, if desired.

    • CC - Add any additional email addresses here that you want to have carbon copied on this email.

    • BCC - If you want this email copied to another email address that won't be visible to the recipient (blind carbon copy), you can add the email address here.

    • Subject - Remember that proper "netiquette" requires you to fill in a subject line. It is even more important for business email. Some email filters will automatically put email with a blank subject into a junk folder or even delete it.

    • Attachments - Attachments will be shown here by file name. Right-click to remove an attachment. 

    • Email Type - What type of email is this? This is for your records. See also: Using Email Types

    • Email Status - What is the status of this email? See also: Using Email Statuses

    • Assigned to Dept. - What department should this email be assigned to? See also: Setting up Departments

    • Assigned to User - What user should this email be assigned to? See also: Setting up Users

  4. Complete the body of the email. You can copy and paste information from another program into the body of the email. If the email was created from a template, you can make changes before sending. See also: Creating an Email Template

  5. Add any necessary attachments by clicking Attach File on the ribbon.

  6. Click Send when finished. If the email was sent from a specific record, a copy of the email will appear on the Communications tab of the record.

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