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Printing or Emailing a Receipt

Printing a Receipt

Follow these steps to create a receipt that can be printed or saved as a PDF:
  1. Open the payment.

  2. Click the down arrow below the Print button on the ribbon. See also: Payment Ribbon

  3. Click Receipt

  4. The receipt will open as a PDF that you can print or save to your local computer.

    Emailing a Receipt

    Follow these steps to email a payment receipt to a client directly through myStratus. Note: Emailing must be set up in myStratus prior to sending email. See Setting up Email for more information.

    1. Open the payment in myStratus.

    2. Open the Communication tab of the ribbon. 

    3. Click New Email and choose the Blank Email option. 

    4. In the new email window, click Receipt in the Attachments group of the ribbon. Note: You can also attach a copy of the invoice.

    5. Type in your email message in the lower portion of the window.

    6. Click Send when ready.

    7. The email will be recorded on client's Communication tab. It will also appear as a sent item on the Messages hub. See also: Messages Hub

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