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Changing the Client Options

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

You may decide you want to limit some of the options available to your clients online. For example, you may want to use InSpired for viewing purposes only and don't want to offer products for online purchase. Or, you may not want to allow your clients to share images on their social networks. Note: When you turn off an option in Stratus, it will no longer be available for any of your InSpired clients.

Follow these steps to change the options that are available to your clients on InSpiredByYou:
  1. In Stratus, go to Maintenance > Preferences > InSpiredByYou Preferences and click on the Company tab.

  2. Check or uncheck any of the following options:

    • Do not sell products online - Check this option if you want to use InSpiredByYou for online preview only. Your clients will not see options to "View Cart," "Checkout," or "Start Ordering Products." See also: Selling Products Online

    • Hide Black & White and Sepia options - Check this option if you do not want your clients to be able to view and order using the "Black & White"or "Sepia" options online. Colorization options will no longer be visible to your clients.

    • Upload Selected images as Favorites(...) - Check this option to use the "Selected/Unselected" status from Stratus to mark the images as "Favorite/Hidden" on the client's InSpiredByYou gallery.

    • Do not allow clients to share on social networks - Use this option to disable the social network sharing feature on your InSpiredByYou site. Social network sharing features will no longer be visible.

    • Require PIN when e-signing contracts - Check this option to require clients to enter a PIN number when e-signing a session contract. When this option is enabled, you will be prompted to create a PIN when uploading a contract. You must then communicate that PIN to the client in order for them to e-sign a contract. See also: Using InSpired for Contracts

  3. Click OK to save your preferences.

  4. Run the InSpiredByYou Synchronizer on the Tools menu to sync your changes to InSpiredByYou. See also: Syncing Stratus and InSpired

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