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User Preferences

Choose default settings that determine how the software will look and work for an individual user. Go to Maintenance > Preferences and click User Preferences to set up preferences for the logged in user. Click OK to save any changes.

General Page

  • Calendar Time Segments - Choose the default time increments for your calendar. If you choose 30 minutes you will have two lines for each hour, representing the hour and the half-hour. By default, the calendar uses 15-minute intervals.
  • Calendar Scheduling Time Slots - Turn on Time Slot display by default for this user.

Google Page

Each user can sync their personal schedule with a Google calendar. Use this tab to set up Google syncing for this user. See Google Syncing for details.

Email Page

Each user can have their own outgoing email set up that will override the email set up in the Company and Workstation Preferences. See also: Setting Up Email

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