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Creating a Payment

A payment record stores all the information regarding an individual payment. You can find specific payments on the Summary tab of a client record or in the Payment and Refund portion of an invoice.

Creating a Payment from the Scheduling, Session, or Invoice Wizard

If you selected the "Create an Invoice" option during the Scheduling, Session, or Invoice Wizards, you will also have the option to "Create a Payment Record Now." Select this option and follow the steps below to create the payment. 

  1. Enter the payment method or choose one from the drop-down list.

  2. For a credit card payment, fill in the appropriate information in spaces provided. If you have already entered a credit card number for this client, you can choose that credit card and the card information will automatically be entered. To find out how to process a credit card directly through Spectra using our integrated credit card processor, see the Setting Up Credit Card Processing and Processing Credit Cards through Stratus topics.

  3. For a payment by check, fill in the check number in the space provided.

  4. Enter payment amount. Click Next to proceed to the next page of the wizard.

  5. To modify the invoice, session, or client information, check the appropriate box and click Finish.

Creating a Payment from an Invoice Record

  1. From the Invoices hub, find the invoice for which the payment is to be made. Invoices can also be found on the Invoices tab of the client record and/or the session record. Double-click the invoice to open it.

  2. From the invoice, go to the New group on the ribbon and click New Payment or Refund. See also: Invoice Ribbon.


  3. Choose Payment or Refund.

  4. The Payment Date will automatically default to today's date. You can change the date if needed by entering the new date or clicking the calendar icon to the right of this field.

  5. If this payment is considered refundable, check Refundable and enter a date in the until field. Note: This is used for your knowledge only.

  6. If this is a payment due on a future date, check Future Payment and enter a due date.

  7. Select the Payment Method from the drop-down list and complete the fields related to this payment method. See also: Processing Credit Cards through Stratus and Setting up Payment Methods

    • For example, if "Cash" is selected, an Amount Tendered field will appear.

    • If "Check" is selected, a Check Number field will appear.

    • For credit card payments, select the card type from the drop-down list. If you are using our integrated credit card processor, you will then click Get Swiped if you are using a card swiper, or Get Keyed to manually enter information. Get Keyed will open a new gateway window to enter the client's credit card information.

      • If you are not using our integrated credit card processor, you can manually enter the credit card authorization code you receive from your processor.           
  8. Click Save & Close when finished.



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