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Syncing Stratus and InSpired

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

There are four ways that information goes back and forth between Stratus and InSpiredByYou, two are automatic and two are manual. Here's a short description:

  • InSpiredByYou Synchronizer - Located on the Tools menu in Stratus, the synchronizer should be manually run any time you make changes to the InSpiredByYou Preferences in Stratus.

  • Automatic Data Sync - An automatic data sync occurs about every 15 minutes between Stratus and InSpired. This job uploads new prepaid orders, contracts, and Animoto videos. The data sync also downloads new online orders, signed contracts, and favorites images.

  • Session Upload - The Publish Images tool is used to manually upload images from a single session to InSpiredByYou. See also: Publishing Images to InSpired

  • Automatic Session Upload - This feature can be enabled to have Stratus automatically upload session images to InSpired based on a specific session status. See also: Automating InSpired Uploads 

This topic will explain the InSpired Synchronizer and the Automatic Data Sync. For information on uploading session images, refer to the topics listed above.

InSpiredByYou Synchronizer

Any time you make changes to your InSpiredByYou Preferences in Stratus, you need to manually sync the settings with your InSpiredByYou website using the InSpiredByYou Synchronizer. Settings you need to manually sync include your company logo and marketing image, tax rates, shipping methods, promotions, price list, payment methods, watermark options, as well as any of the client options you might enable/disable on InSpired. Note: If you've never set up your InSpiredByYou Preferences in Stratus, please refer to Setting up the InSpired Integration before using the InSpired Synchronizer.

Follow these steps to sync your settings:

  1. Go to Tools > InSpiredByYou Synchronizer.

  2. Any InSpiredByYou settings that have been changed in Stratus since the last time you synced will automatically be selected when you open the synchronizer.

  3. Check any items you want to synchronize and uncheck any items that you don't want to sync at this time.

  4. Click Start Sync.

  5. If you encounter any problems, click View Logs to see the errors and contact StudioPlus tech support.

Automatic Data Sync

With the InSpired integration, there is an automatic data sync that occurs between Stratus and InSpired (approximately every 15 minutes). The following items are processed during the automatic data sync:

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