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Setting up Payment Methods

To change or modify the payment methods used in your business, go to Maintenance > Invoice > Payment Methods. Click Add to add a new one, Delete to delete an existing method, or Modify to make changes.

  • Description - Appears on the invoice and receipt as the payment method.
  • Payment Type - Indicates how Stratus will handle the payment, either cash, check, credit card, gift certificate (not available in Stratus Express), or other.

  • First C.C. Number - Stratus will recognize what type of credit card is being used if the account number starts with the number entered here.

  • Open Cash Drawer - If you use a cash drawer with Stratus, indicate if this type of payment requires you to open your cash drawer.

  • Web Enabled - Select this option if you want this payment type to be available on your website. Note: This must be a credit card type.

  • Exclude From Reports - Select this option if you do not want this payment type to be included in reports, such as the Today's Snapshot panel on your Stratus home page.

  • Inactive - Check this box if you no longer use this payment method.

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