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Setting up the InSpired Integration

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

Before you can start using InSpiredByYou for online proofing and ordering, you must set up your InSpired preferences in Stratus and then sync your settings to InSpiredByYou. Your InSpired Preferences are found in Stratus under Maintenance > Preferences > InSpiredByYou Preferences. This is where you will activate InSpiredByYou, choose the features for your InSpired site, select watermarking options for your online images, choose how you want to process online payments, and more.

Step 1 - Choose Your InSpiredByYou Preferences

To set up your preferences, go to Maintenance > Preferences > InSpiredByYou Preferences and choose your settings on each of the following tabs:

General Tab (required)

On this tab, your company's Username and Password will automatically be filled in with the credentials assigned by StudioPlus when your account was established.

Company Tab (required)

The Company Tab is where you enter the company information that should appear on your InSpired website, as well as choose which options will be available to your clients online.

  1. Enter your company information as you want it to appear on your InSpiredByYou website.
    • Company Email Address - Enter your company email address. This will appear on your InSpiredByYou website.

    • Home Page URL - This will be used to link your clients from their InSpiredByYou gallery back to your home page. 

    • Company Logo - Use the browse button to add a logo to your InSpiredByYou page. It will appear in the upper-left corner. This logo should be either a JPEG, TIFF, or GIF file and should be 240 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.

    • Marketing Image - This image will also appear on your InSpiredByYou page. The image dimension should be 330 pixels wide by 230 pixels high.

  2. Next, choose which options you want to enable or disable on your online client galleries. Note: These options apply to all client galleries.

    • Do not sell products online - Choose this option if you want to use InSpiredByYou for online preview only. If you check this box, your clients will not see options to "View Cart/Checkout" or "Click Here to Start Ordering Products."

    • Hide Black & White and Sepia options - Check this option if you do not want your clients to be able to view and order using the "Black & White"or "Sepia" options online.

    • Upload Selected/Unselected Images as Favorites/Hidden - Choose this option to use the "Selected/Unselected" status from myStratus to mark the images on the client's InSpiredByYou gallery.

    • Do not allow clients to share images on social networking sites - Use this option to disable the social network sharing feature on your InSpiredByYou site.

    • Require PIN - Select this option to require the client to enter a PIN number when e-signing a session contract.

Images Tab (optional)

Use this tab to select your Watermark Options. The watermark will be added to the low-res jpgs as they are uploaded to your InSpiredByYou site.

  • Do not watermark images - Show the images online without any watermark. This is the default setting.

  • Use text - Include up to two lines of text that will be centered across the images.

  • Use a graphic - Use a JPEG, GIF, or PNG file. Click Graphic File to choose the location of the desired graphic.

  • Opacity - Choose how transparent the watermark text or graphic should be on the uploaded image. The larger the number, the darker the text or graphic will be. Note: If you use a JPEG or PNG that does not have any transparent areas, the opacity setting will affect the entire graphic.

Sessions Tab (optional)

  1. Check the Activate Auto Session Uploader box if you want Stratus to automatically publish images to InSpiredByYou based on a specific session status. This feature is optional. See also: Using Session Statuses

  2. Then choose the following automatic upload options:

    • Session Status to Upload - Select the session status you would like to use to initiate automatic upload.

    • Upload Successful Status - Once the images have been uploaded successfully, the session status will be changed to this.

    • Upload Failed Status - If an upload were to fail, the session status would be changed to this.

Orders Tab (required for online ordering)

  1. Choose the following Invoice Defaults for downloaded web orders. See also: Using Invoice Statuses 

    • Default Invoice Status - Choose an invoice status that should be assigned to all newly downloaded web orders. We recommend using a status like "Web Order Downloaded" to keep track of recent web orders.

    • Default Payment Method -

  2. In the Payment Processing section, choose how you want to process online credit card orders.

    • Process Credit Cards Online - Choose this option if you want to process your client's credit card during the InSpiredByYou check out process. You must have a Merchant Warehouse account in order to choose this option. Sign up for an account here: Once your account has been set up with Merchant Warehouse, you will receive an email containing your credentials. Enter your credentials on this tab. See also: Setting Up Credit Card Processing

    • Process Credit Cards after Order Download - Choose this if you do not want to run credit cards on InSpiredByYou. In this case, payment information will download along with the invoice into Spectra, and the payment will be flagged as a Pending Payment. You will need to manually open the payment record and run the credit card through your normal credit card process.

Sales Tax Tab (required for online ordering)

  1. Verify the Sales Tax Method is the same as it is for your in-studio orders.

    • Optional - If you use Avalara® AvaTax Calc™ to calculate sales tax on your online orders, you can integrate this service with InSpiredByYou by selecting Automatic under the AvaTax Service Method. To use this method, you must also enter an AvaTax code on each item in your InSpiredByYou price list. The AvaTax code is entered on the InSpiredByYou tab of each price list item. Note: AvaTax Calc is a third-party tax calculator. You must have an account established with Avalara to use AvaTax with InSpiredByYou.

  2. Select the Default In-State Tax for orders being shipped to the same state as your studio. See also: Sales Tax Settings

  3. Select the Default Out-Of-State Tax for those orders being shipped out of state.

  4. Enter a Default Tax Label. This is how sales tax will be described on the client's order confirmation.

Shipping Tab (required for online ordering)

Choose the default shipping method available to clients. Set up your shipping options in Maintenance > InSpiredByYou > Shipping Methods. See also: Setting up Shipping Methods

Tasks Tab (required for online ordering and contracts)

Finally, use the settings on the Task tab to have Stratus automatically create tasks to go along with certain types of InSpiredByYou downloads such as contracts and orders. Use the tasks that are automatically created to keep your workflow on track. See also: Using InSpired for Contracts and Tracking Online Orders

Step 2 - Synchronize Stratus and InSpiredByYou

Once you have set up your InSpiredByYou Preferences in Stratus, or if you update them at any point, you need to synchronize the settings with your InSpiredByYou website. Follow these steps to sync your settings:

  1. Go to Tools > InSpiredByYou Synchronizer.

  2. Any InSpiredByYou settings that have been changed in Stratus since the last time you synced will automatically be selected when you open the synchronizer.

  3. Check any items you want to synchronize and uncheck any items that you don't want to sync at this time.

  4. Click Start Sync.

  5. If you encounter any problems, click View Logs to see the errors and contact StudioPlus tech support.

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