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Using Completed Emails

Even if you use the emailing features in Stratus for most of your communication, there may be times you end up sending or receiving a client email through another program. You can still save those details onto the client's communication history in Stratus by using a "completed" email. See also: Setting up Email
  1. Open the client and click the Communication tab on the ribbon.

  2. Click Completed Email to open a blank email.

  3. Fill in the Subject with a short description of the email. This description will help you find the email later.

  4. Choose the Date and Direction of the original email.

  5. Type or paste the body of the email into the lower portion.

  6. Click Save & Close when finished.

  7. The email will be displayed in the client's communication history (on their Communication tab) as well as on the Messages hub. See also: Messages Hub

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