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Processing Credit Cards through InSpired

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

You may set up InSpired to process payments in two different ways - online during the checkout process or manually after the order has been downloaded into Stratus. Your choice depends on whether or not you have a TSYS account. Processing payments during the checkout process requires a TSYS account. Visit the Credit Card Processing page on our website for more information and to sign up.

Follow these steps to set up your payment processing option for InSpiredByYou orders:
  1. In Stratus, go to Maintenance > Preferences > InSpiredByYou Preferences and click the Orders tab.

  2. In the Payment Processing section, choose how you want to process credit card payments:

    • Option 1: Process Credit Cards Online - This option requires a merchant account with TSYS. Credit card payments will be securely processed online at the time a client checks out on InSpiredByYou. The money will be deposited into your bank account without further processing and a record of the payment will be downloaded into Stratus along with the invoice. Visit the Credit Card Processing page on our website for more information and to sign up. 

    • Option 2: Process Credit Cards After Order Download - You must choose this option if you don't have an account with TSYS. You will need to manually process payments after InSpired orders are downloaded into Stratus. Any payment information entered during the checkout process will be downloaded as a pending payment along with the invoice.

  3. If you chose Option 1 above, enter your TSYS credentials in the spaces provided.

  4. Click OK to save your preferences.

  5. Run the InSpiredByYou Synchronizer on the Tools menu to sync your changes to InSpiredByYou. See also: Syncing Stratus and InSpired

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