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Task Ribbon

The following tools are available on the task ribbon.

Home Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Save Save the current task.
  Save & Close Save the task and close the task window.
  Delete Delete the open task. 
  Mark Complete Set the task's completed date to today. A task marked as completed with today's date will still show on the Task panel on the home page of the user that was assigned the task, showing what was done today. If the completed date is before today, the task will not show on the user's task list, but will still appear on the Task tab of any records this task is linked to (i.e., client, session or invoice). 
  Private Make the task private, to be viewed only by the user creating the task and any department or user the task is assigned to. 
  Urgent Indicate the urgency of a task with an exclamation mark.
  Mark Unread Make the task appear as unread (bold) on the home page and any other list screens where the task may appear. 

Link Link the task to a client (if unlinked), or re-link the task to a different client. When linking a task to a client, you will also have the option of linking the task to a specific session or invoice belonging to the client. See also: Linking a Task to a Client

Communication Tab

 Icon Name Description
  New Call Create a new call record with today's date as the due date and no completed date. You can use the call today or change the due date to date in the future.
  Completed Call Create a call record that is both due today and completed today.
  New SMS Text Use this button to create a new blank SMS text message or merge the client information into an existing SMS template. By default, the new text message will contain the first phone number on the client record that is marked for SMS. 
  New Email Create a new blank email or merge the client information into an existing email template. The client's email address must be entered in the record and outgoing email must be set up on the computer you are using. For more details on setting up outgoing email on a computer, see the Setting up Email topic.
  Completed Email Click this button to record details from client email that you received or sent outside of Stratus and want to be able to reference later.

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