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Importing a Price List

With Stratus, you can choose to import your price list information from a .csv, .txt, or .xls file. The price list import feature can be used to import new items into your Stratus price list, or to update existing ones. Watch this video and follow the step-by-step instructions below to import your price list into Stratus.

Importing a Price List

Follow these steps to import a price list into Stratus:

  1. Go to Utilities > Import Price List.

  2. Click Next on the first page of the wizard.

  3. Choose what type of a file you want to import. Then use the File to Import field to browse out to your import file.

    • Comma-Delimited Text File - Import a .txt or .csv file.

    • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet - Import a Microsoft Excel .xls file. NOTE: The newer format .xlsx is not compatible with the Stratus price list import. In your Excel file, choose Save As and then save your file as an "Excel 97-2003 Workbook."

    • Import Using Existing Price List Import Template - This option will allow you to use a template you created and saved during a previous import. Please read the Using Import Templates section below for more information.

  4. Choose the following settings for this import:

    • Select whether this file is a new or existing price list in Stratus.

      • If you choose New Price List, include a name for the new price list.

      • If you choose Existing Price List, choose which price list you are importing to and then choose the option to Override existing items with new information. This means if you are importing  an item that is already in your Stratus price list, you will override the existing item with the new import item.

    • Choose if you want to save this file as a template. See the Using Import Templates section below for more information about this field.

  5. There are two things to do on the next page:

    • Down at the very bottom, indicate if the first row of your import file has header information (such as the names of each columns) or if it contains data (such as actual price list information).

    • Now drag fields from the Item Fields section on the right-hand side to the appropriate column in the table. This will link that column with the appropriate price list field in Stratus. Note: You must drag the item field to a cell in the grid. If you drag the wrong item field to a column, simply drag the correct field over to replace it.

  6. Click Finish to begin the import.

Using Import Templates

This section will cover how to use Import Templates when importing a price list into Stratus.

  1. On the page shown in the screenshot in step 4 above, you have the choice to save the import as a template. Once you save an import as a template, it can be used for future imports. Templates are great if you plan to import multiple price lists in the same format. The format refers to which item fields are linked to each column. If you have the same columns in the same order, then create a template to speed up future imports.

  2. During a future imports you can simply choose Import Using Existing Price List Import Template on the page shown here. You will then select the template you created earlier and, once again, choose the source file for the import.

  3. On the following page you will notice that the columns have already defaulted to the template columns.

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