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Checking for Duplicates

As you're adding new clients, there's always the possibility you may enter a client twice. To protect against that, Stratus has four possible duplicate checks you can set up.

Setting up Duplicate Check Options

  1. To set up the duplicate check, go to Maintenance > Preferences > Company Preferences > Client Tab.

  2. In the “Client Duplicate Check Options” section, select as many duplicate checks as you want Stratus to use when new clients are being entered.

  1. If you enter a new client and any of these fields exactly match another client in the database, Stratus will give you a duplicate client warning message.

Checking for Duplicate Clients

  1. If you enter a new client and one of the duplicate checks you’re using matches an existing clients, you will receive a message window and a warning icon will appear next to the duplicate field.

  1. Click OK.

  1. Double-click the warning icon to view the existing client who has the same information.

  1. Check the other client information to see if it is a duplicate. If it is, click OK and then exit the new client record without saving it. If it is not a duplicate, click OK and continue entering the client information.

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