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Client Lists and Labels

There are two ways to print a client list. You can use the Client List Report or you can print using the Export to Excel option. Use the Export to Excel option if you need more options than what is given in the Client List Report.

Client List Report

Follow these steps to print a client list using the Client List Report:

  1. Go to Reports > Client Lists.

  2. Choose the type of list you want to print.

    • Client List - Produces a standard list of clients based on a client group.

    • Mailing Labels - Produces mailing labels for a group of clients. The label includes the client name and address, along with the company name (if present).

    • Account Labels - Produces account labels for a group of clients.

  3. Choose which client group you want to include in the report.

  4. If you're printing a client list, modify the report header as needed. If you're printing labels, choose your label options as shown below.

  5. Click Print Report to preview and print the report.

Export to Excel

Follow these steps to export a file to Excel and print from Excel:

  1. Go to the Clients hub.

  2. Use the Search tool on the ribbon to find the clients you want to print. See also: Clients Hub

  3. Click Export to Excel on the ribbon.

  4. Download and open the exported Excel file.

  5. Choose File > Print within Excel to print your list.

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