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Finding an Invoice

From a Client Record

Open the client and go to the Invoices tab or the Summary tab. Double-click the desired invoice to open it.  

From a Session Record

Open the session and go to the Invoices tab. Double-click the desired invoice to open it.

From the Invoices Hub

  1. Open the Invoices hub by clicking Invoices on the hub menu. See also: Invoices Hub

  2. In the Search group of the ribbon, "Invoice Number" will be selected as the default Search By option. Click on the down arrow to change it to any of the following:

    • Web Order Number
    • Bill-To Name
    • Invoice Date
    • Payment Due Date
    • Session Date
    • Invoice Status
  3. Depending on which option you chose above, you will either select the criteria from a drop-down list or type it in.

  4. Press Enter and matching invoices will be listed in the grid.

  5. Double-click on an invoice to open it.

  6. To see all of your invoices again, clear the criteria field and then press Enter.


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