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Scheduling a Call

To schedule a future phone call, please use the steps below. 

  1. Open the client, session, appointment, or task record where you would like to add the phone call record.

  2. Open the Communication tab of the ribbon and click New Call in the Phone Calls group.

  3. On the General tab of the phone call record, complete the following fields:

    • Description - What is the phone call for?

    • Type - Select a phone call type from the list. See also: Using Phone Call Types

    • Department - Assign the phone call to a department. On the Calls hub, you can search for phone calls assigned to a specific department.

    • User - Select the user, if there is a specific person that is responsible to make the call. On the Calls hub, you can search by user to find all calls assigned to a specific user.

    • Due Date - What date does this phone need to be made on or by? 

    • Contact - Is there someone specific to speak with?

  4. On the Notes tab, make any notes specific to this phone call. Did the client leave a message and ask you to return the call? Do they want details about a specific promotion? Are they celebrating a birthday or anniversary? This where the department or user finds important details about the call they need to make.

  5. Click Save & Close when finished.

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