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Clients on the Mobile App

The Clients List

Tap Clients on the home page to see your client list as pictured below.

Finding Clients

  • Searching - Tap the Search box and type in several letters. Your list will continue to be narrowed with each letter you type. The search scope includes first name, last name, company name, client number, and client status. Tap the X to start over, or tap Cancel to return to your full list.

  • Using the Index - Tap a letter in the index or use your finger to scroll up and down.

Adding Clients

  1. Choose one of the following methods to open a new client:

    • Open the Clients list and tap the plus "+" sign up at the top.
      - OR -
    • Open the Add tab at the bottom of the screen and tap Client.
  2. Tap each field and enter the details for the client.

  3. There are several fields, such as phones, notes, and family members, that will display a new page to enter additional details. After you've added the information on that page, just tap the back arrow at the top of the screen to return to the main client page.

  4. Tap Save at the top of the screen to save the client. To exit without saving, scroll to the bottom of the client information and tap Cancel.

Deleting Clients

  1. Open the Clients list and tap the client you want to delete.

  2. Go to the bottom of the client's information and tap Delete.

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