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Tracking Online Orders

 NOTE: This feature requires the StandardProfessional, or Enterprise version of myStratus Web.

InSpiredByYou orders are automatically downloaded into Stratus during each regular data sync. There are several tools you can use to track these orders in Stratus.

Order Tasks

When you set up your InSpiredByYou Preferences, you should have enabled an automatic task for orders and chosen a specific department or user the task should be assigned to for followup. The order task can also be assigned a task type and task status when it is created to suit more complex business settings. We recommend using the order task as your primary method of making sure someone follows up on newly downloaded orders. See also: Setting up the InSpired Integration

Tips for using order tasks:

  • Make sure the task subject clearly describes what needs to be done. For example, "New web order received. Needs verification."

  • Create an "InSpired Order Followup" task type and then define a series of statuses for that type, such as "Verify order pending," "Order received email pending," "Payment verified pending," and so on.

  • Make sure the person or department that is responsible to complete the task knows exactly what to do when an order is received.

  • Sort or search the Tasks hub to find tasks related to your InSpiredByYou orders. See also: Tasks Hub

Invoices Hub

There are two invoice fields that can be used to identify orders that originated from InSpiredByYou - Web Order No and Invoice Status. Both of these fields can come in handy for tracking invoices on the Invoices hub. The web order number is automatically assigned by Stratus and will match the confirmation number the client receives when they place their order. The invoice status that is assigned to new InSpired orders should have been set up by you on the Orders tab in your InSpiredByYou Preferences. See also: Setting up the InSpired Integration

Tips for tracking invoices on the Invoices hub:

  • In your InSpiredByYou Preferences (shown above), make sure you have chosen a Default Invoice Status that clearly states that the order is from InSpiredByYou (i.e., "Web Order Downloaded").

  • Make sure the Invoice Status column is displayed by selecting it in the Column Chooser.

  • Sort the hub by the Invoice Status column or use the "Invoice Status" search option on the ribbon to filter the list to a specific status.

  • Use the "Web Order Number" criteria in the Search box on the ribbon to find a specific order.

See also: Invoices Hub

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