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Invoice Ribbon

The following tools are available on the invoice ribbon.  Contains the File, Print, Clipboard, View, and New groups.

Home Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Save Save the current invoice.
  Save & Close Save the invoice and close the invoice window.
  Delete Delete the open invoice record. Note: This will delete any payments or production orders PERMANENTLY! An invoice with a posted payment cannot be deleted until you also unlock and un-apply the payment.  
  Print Print the invoice.
  Client View (open) the session client associated with this invoice.
  Session View (open) the session associated with this invoice.
  Payment or Refund Add a new payment or refund to the invoice. See also: Payment How To's 

  Task Create a new task related to this invoice. See also: Creating a Task


Communication Tab

 Icon Name Description
  New Call Create a new call record with a due date of today and no completed date. You can use the call today or move the due date into the future. See also: Call How To's
  Completed Call Create a call record that has both the due and completed date set to today. See also: Using Completed Calls
  New SMS Text Create a new SMS text message. See also: Sending Text Messages
  New Email Send a client email. The client's record must contain an email address and outgoing email must be set up. See also: Setting up Email
  Completed Email Create a completed email to record details from a client email you sent or received outside of Stratus for future reference.  See also: Using Completed Emails


Action Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Import Images Upload images to a Stratus session. See also:

Online Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Reset Login Reset the client's InSpired login back to the default (the client's last name).
   Login To Site View the client's site.
  Extend Expiration Date If you have a account and this is a session that you have previously uploaded to the site, use this tool to extend (or shorten) the web expire date. Simply choose the desired date and click OK. Another window will open indicating whether or not the change was successfully synced to the website. If you want to take the session down, set the expire date to today. The session will then show up on the Services panel on your Stratus home page as a session ready to expire.
  Upload Images Upload images from this session to using the InSpired Session Uploader. 



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