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Price List Overview

In order to properly invoice your clients, you must create your price list(s) in Stratus. Note: myStratus Express is limited to one price list. Your Stratus price list should contain every product you sell, every service you offer, and every fee you charge. If you sell it, it should be in your price list!

Key Price List Terms

  • Price List - A price list contains item groups that organize all your individual products and services (items).

  • Item Groups - You define your own item groups to organize the items within a price list, making products easier to find when creating orders. Note: Each item must be in an item group.

  • Items - You create a price list item for each individual product, service, or fee that you may want to add to an order. The price list item contains all the detailed information for the product or service.

  • Item Types - Each item in your price list must be assigned one of six, pre-defined item types. Stratus treats each item type differently, so they cannot be redefined.

    • Session Fee - This type is for session-related fees.

    • Print - Use for all print products.

    • Package - Use this item type to create a package. When this type is selected, you will be able to choose which items to include in the package, select a max/min number of poses allowed, and choose an add-on pose fee that Stratus will automatically apply. To find out more about creating a package, read the Creating a Package how to.

    • Composite - Note: The composite template features is not available in myStratus Express.

    • Miscellaneous - This type is for products such as digital media, albums, gift certificates, frames, and other retail items. 

    • Service - Use this type for services you may offer, such as add-on fees, retouching, and copy & restoration. 

  • Package - A package is a special item that contains other items from your price list.

Here's an example to give you some ideas:

How do I create my price list in Stratus?

Refer to the following topics to set up your price list in Stratus:

  • Setting up a Price List - Start here! This topic includes step-by-step written instructions along with a video tutorial to guide you through setting up your price list in Stratus.

  • Creating a Package - If your price list includes packages, this topic will help you create them.

  • Importing a Price List - Stratus also includes a price list import utility that can be used to import price list information from a spreadsheet or text file. This is an optional feature.

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