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Exporting myStratus Data

For your peace of mind, Stratus includes a data export utility that can be used to export all your Stratus data to Excel files.

Do I need to export my data?
No. The data export utility in Stratus is completely optional and is simply there to give you extra peace of mind about your data. Your Stratus database is continually being replicated and backed up on our end to protect you from data loss. We understand, though, that sometimes it feels better to have a copy in your own hands "just in case." Note: The data you export from Stratus is contained in multiple Excel spreadsheets and is not in a format that can be re-imported into Stratus.

Follow these steps to export your Stratus data:

  1. Launch Stratus and go to Utilities > Data Export.

  2. A message will let you know what is about to happen.

  3. Click Yes to start the export process.

  4. When the download window appears, select the Save File option and click OK.

  5. When the export has finished, a zipped file will be located in the Downloads folder on your computer.

  6. Extract the files before opening them in Excel.

  7. The graphic below shows a list of exported files and the layout of the client spreadsheet file.

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