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Session Ribbon

The following tools are available on the ribbon of a session record.

Home Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Save Save the current session and leave it open for reference or additional modifications.
  Save & Close Save the session and close the session window.
  Delete Session Delete the open session. Note: Deleting a session will delete any associated communications, appointments, advanced calender events, invoices, or production orders PERMANENTLY.
  Client Image The first image imported into the client's first session will be saved as the main client image. Click Client Image to change the image or import a new one. You can also import a new image by clicking the headshot icon below. See also: Choosing the Client Image
  Print Use this button to print a session and/or photographer confirmation. See also: Creating a Session Confirmation and Creating a Photographer Confirmation
  Client Open the client associated with this session.
  Appointment Create a new appointment associated with this session.
  Session Invoice Create a new session-based invoice. The first invoice created for a session will automatically be set as a "Session Fee" type invoice. See also: Creating a Session Invoice

  Session Estimate Create a new estimate invoice for this session. This will create a new invoice and set the invoice type to "Estimate" automatically. See also: Creating an Estimate
  Task Create a new task linked to this session. See also: Creating a Task

Communication Tab

 Icon Name Description
  New Call Create a new call record with the due date set to today and no completed date. You can use the call today or change the due date to a date in the future.
  Completed Call Create a call record that is both due and completed today.
  New SMS Text Create a new blank text message or one based on a form letter. By default, the new text message will contain the first phone number on the client record that is marked for SMS. See also: Sending Text Messages
  New Email Create an email to be sent to this client's main email address. You can create a blank email with just the client's name and email filled in, or one with the session confirmation or contact sheet already attached. You can also have the client and session information merged into pre-designed email template. You need to have the client's email address entered in the record and email set up on the computer you are using. See also: Setting up Email
  Completed Email Create a completed email to record details from client email you received or sent outside of Stratus and want to save for future reference. 
  Upload Contract Select a contract for this session. The contract will be uploaded to InSpiredByYou during the next InSpired data sync. Note: Contracts and InSpiredByYou integration are not available in Stratus Express.
  View Contract View the contract that has been selected for this session. When viewing the contract you will also have options to cancel, print, or email it.
  Cancel Contract Cancel a contract for this session.

Action Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Import Images Import images into the Stratus session.
  New Animoto Embed an Animoto® video you've created for this client on their InSpiredByYou online gallery. Enter a description and paste the embed string provided with your Animoto video. Not available in Stratus Express.

Online Tab

 Icon Name Description
  Reset Login Reset the client's InSpiredByYou password back to their last name (default).
   Login To Site View the client's site.
  Extend Expiration Date If you have a account and this is a session that you have previously uploaded to the site, use this tool to extend (or shorten) the web expire date. Simply choose the desired date and click OK. Another window will open indicating whether or not the change was successfully synced to the website. If you want to take the session down, set the expire date to today. The session will then show up on the Services panel on your Stratus Home page as a session ready to expire.
  Upload Images Upload images from this session to using the InSpired Session Uploader. 

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