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Using Completed Calls

To document a call or conversation that has already taken place, use the steps below.

  1. Open the client, session, appointment, or task record where you would like to add the phone call record.

  2. Open the Communication tab of the ribbon and click Competed Call in the Phone Calls group.


  3. On the General tab of the phone call record, complete the following fields:

    • Description - Add a short description of what the call was regarding.

    • Type - Select a phone call type from the list. See also: Using Phone Call Types

    • Department - What department handled this call?

    • User - Who handled the phone call?

    • Complete Date - Enter the date this phone call was completed.

    • Result - What was the result of the phone call?

    • Contact - Who did you speak with?

    • Direction - Did you call the client or did the client call you?

  4. Use the Notes tab to record the details of the conversation. 

  5. Click Save & Close when finished.

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